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Ricky Yanez


Ricky Yanez

Ricky joined Lehne Construction, Inc. in 2006 as a pipe layer helper. After a few short months, he was promoted to an official pipe layer. In 2008, he was selected to help do a job at the governor’s mansion where his abilities in home construction shined. By 2010, after demonstrating his leadership capabilities and good management skills, he was promoted to supervisor. In 2013, Ricky took a brief hiatus in order to do his second love, music, touring as a musician with a regional band and enjoying the “rock lifestyle,” while also working with other local construction companies in the area. In 2017 he returned to Lehne Construction, Inc. to become the Underground Utilities Supervisor. Recently, he worked at the Corazon East 6th St. Project, on the famed street in Austin, TX, excavating 80,000 cubic yards. He also worked at the Joe Carr project near Personville, Texas, also known as the Kennedy Lake, working on the spillway to prevent further erosion of the lake’s bank. During this project Ricky had to adapt to changes in the designs and planning of the project, working with project managers in order to preserve the lake for future generations.

On his days off, Ricky enjoys spending time with his kids, taking them fishing, and going to the movies. His oldest daughter, Lily, plays trumpet in the Jr. High band, and, as Ricky sees it, she’s the next great musician to follow in his footsteps.